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The classification of methods is truly a tremendous job. There are so many of them that it is difficult for even an experienced scientist to find their bearings. But the age of information technology teaches us the ability to highlight the main thing. Not everyone can handle it, so on help me write my research paper you can order a paper to be written for you. Gradually, the circle narrows to the most common and effective options, and auxiliary methods are already growing like corals on a reef. So, what do you need to know?
  • The methods are divided into two large-scale groups - empirical and theoretical.
  • Each of these groups has two subcategories with the same sound: methods-operations and methods-actions.
And now, for clarity, we will give examples of the methods of each group in the form of a table. All of these methods are commonly used by editors that provide help to students who feel like they need assistance with writing their paper.


Theoretical methods

Empirical Methods

methods of action

methods of operations

methods of action

methods of operations

hypothesis formulation

thought experiments



problem designation



oral questioning

identification of contradictions

collation / comparison


written survey










drawing analogies

generalization of experience


knowledge system analysis


object tracking

study of theoretical material

proven scientific theory


laboratory work

expert opinion

resolution of contradictions



performance study


Well, familiar names? Of course. After all, without even implying, we all use these methods in everyday life. It happened that at the lectures it was necessary to abstract (otherwise boredom overcame). And what about specifying - I did not prepare for the seminar because my grandmother left / arrived / got sick / lost, etc. We all sometimes idealize, generalize, make calculations, observe something or someone, reveal contradictions, for example, between the actions and words of other people. Output that you will get is worth the price you'll pay. The pumping of the highest level, donated by life itself, even helps in writing a diploma. Seriously though, these methods are just a drop in the bucket. But it is they that serve as the basis and foundation of all foundations.

Halaman: [1]